That time when…you see your children’s connection in an unexpected (and hilarious) way.

Little Nugget has been sneaking into our bed in the middle of the night, or early morning—I actually don’t know when. Josh and I will lay him to sleep in his own bed, and when I wake up to Z Nugg calling for me, there he is. Little Nugget. Laid out. Fast asleep. In our bed. Some times he kicks Josh out of the bed, and when he does, he always brings his pillow along, tossing Josh’s off to the side. Oh Little Nugget!

The other night, I was so exhausted that I decided to nurse Z Nugg in our bed. (She sleeps in her crib and is nursed in our rocking chair 95% of the time.) On this particular night, Little Nugget was already sleeping in my bed, Josh was sleeping on the couch, and I was too tired to sit up and nurse Z Nugg, so I laid her next to me—which I don’t usually do if there’s someone else in the bed because we’re all very hot-bodied and we all move so much that we don’t sleep comfortably. To give you a visual, it was Little Nugget, Z Nugg in the middle, and then me. Z Nugg was facing me (nursing), both of us on our sides. Then, something caused her to unlatch. In search of my breast again, she turned over to Little Nugget whose elbow was sticking out near her face. What do you think Z Nugg did? She latched to his elbow!

My lulled sleep turned into quiet laughter. (I’m actually still laughing at the sight of her latched to Little Nugget’s elbow.) I attempted to turn her body to me so she could latch to my breast, but she unlatched only to turn and re-latch to her brother’s elbow. This made me wonder if maybe she’s just using me as a pacifier at night. She didn’t care that her brother’s elbow didn’t expel milk, she just cared that he didn’t move. I’m sure she knew who it was. I like to believe that they have that deep of a connection.

Cheers to keeping a light heart!

I wish I could’ve gotten a picture of Z Nugg latched to Little Nugget’s elbow, but I know the flash would’ve woken them up. Plus, it was like 4 am when it happened…I think. This picture was taken this past weekend at Josh’s family reunion. Zion – 7 months (31 weeks). Little Nugget – 3 years.

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