Big Nugget Adventures – #1

I invite you to explore and journey through this new project I’ve created for myself. To learn about my Big Nugget Adventures project, click here.

This story is based on an extraordinary family, the Nuggets (Gasp! Surprised on the name?), living an ordinary life. They’ve always had extraordinary abilities (that’s why they are extraordinary by the way, in case you didn’t catch on), but they never wanted to put themselves in “danger”. They lived under the radar for fifteen years. Never stood out from the crowd. Always lived a quiet life in the city until…Big Nugget (aka Mom) got bored with her mundane life. Work, play with the kids, get ready for work, sleep, repeat. She knew what she was capable of, so she decided to get risky on the upcoming full moon. “J Nugg (aka Dad) could stay with Little Nugget and Z Nugg, and I could run to the nearby mountains to test out my gliding,” her brain thought.

Big Nugget’s ability is gliding. Have you ever seen a flying squirrel? She can do something similar to that, except she doesn’t turn into a squirrel. She’s something of an acrobat. A real circus act, actually! She is the goofy one in the household, the one always trying to get the family to dance or sing in public, wear matching shirts, or take funny pictures (she deletes all the normal-looking ones). She is that perky person people want to trip on Monday mornings.

The full moon was exactly 16 days away—I know because she kept counting them to ensure everything went according to plan—so she jumped on making the necessary arrangements and purchasing the required supplies, which she still had to figure out what they were. She had not used her gliding in over a decade. This was going to be interesting.

In reminding herself that she was a decade older since she put her gliding to use, she thought, “You’re insane, Nugget! You’re really rusty! Give up before you get yourself into trouble. You have kids and a husband to worry about now.” As the voice inside her head attempted to talk her out of it, her fanny pack unclipped from around her waist and out fell a flyer. The flyer read, “What are you afraid of? JUMP!” She had acquired this Xerox-copied piece of paper outside of the grocery store the day before—a homeless-looking individual had handed it to her—and now she felt guilty because she hadn’t even read it before stuffing it into her bag. Who had that person been? Why had she given her this paper, or why had it fallen out of her bag now? Was it a coincidence, or was it the universe trying to tell her it was time for her to glide?

To be continued…

Dec. 2014

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