Maddie’s Playhouse

There’s a little playhouse on the prairie, wait no, that’s not right. Let me try that again. There’s an indoor playhouse in Northridge where the staff is caring, the space is clear, and the sky is limitless…well, as long as you have an imagination. As you walk through the entrance, Junelle—co-owner of the playhouse—greets you will a sincere smile. The playhouse’s atmosphere is warm, friendly, and family-centered. The environment is clean, open, and child-ran—meaning you’ll easily find toys, balls, books, and excited yelling within the building—but also created with parents in mind; there’s wifi, outlets for charging, and a seating area for adults to enjoy. This is Maddie’s Playhouse, the indoor play space I describe. I am blessed to know of this space and am happy to share it with you.

Maddie’s Playhouse is not only an indoor play space for children, but also a family-ran community center where parents can take their children to play while they enjoy adult interaction. If the children are old enough to run around on their own, a parent can take their computer to work on while their child runs around making friends and playing make-believe. That sounds like a win-win right there, don’t you think? I think this sounds better than laying on the couch—getting nothing done—while your kid plays doctor and uses you as his/her patient. (Not a bad idea if your intention is to get nothing done. No judgment here.)

Before I introduce you to Maddie’s Playhouse through my lens, let me clarify that Maddie’s Playhouse is not advertised as a community center. I call it so because…wait for it…drum roll please….I will be teaching childbirth classes here! I am honored and grateful to have this space opened up to me. Now, without further ado, here’s is Maddie’s Playhouse Big Nugget style…

Cheers to dreaming big!


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