That time when…big brother gives his little sister her first piece of candy to solve his problem.

My mom was gifted a handcrafted M&M dispenser. It’s made of beautiful wood and it has a compartment at the top which holds the M&M’s. When you hit the dispenser, one M&M comes sliding down different ramps that look like little slides specifically made for the M&M’s. (Imagine a gumball machine.) The last stop—before someone’s mouth—is a little tray it deposits into.

Since my mom brought it home, Little Nugget has been obsessed with watching the M&M’s slide down; however, he doesn’t like eating the M&M’s—or any other chocolate. He is constantly asking anyone with a functioning mouth if they’d like an M&M just so he can watch the colorful piece of candy bounce down in this mechanism. It is rare that he receives a “yes”.

It had been at least a couple of weeks since my mom brought the M&M dispenser home, and Little Nugget must’ve received at least a dozen “no’s” in regards to the chocolate-delivery service he offered. Apparently, Little Nugget saw this as a problem. Little Nugget, being the innovative child that he is, decided to find a solution.

My mom, Little Nugget, Z Nugg, and I were in my mom’s kitchen. My mom and I were preparing our places at the table to sit down and have dinner when I noticed Z Nugg was busy chewing something. I opened her mouth to see what she was eating since I knew that neither my mom or me had given her anything to eat. I found nothing in her mouth, so I asked Little Nugget, “Ilan, did you give Zion something to eat?” To which he happily replied, “Yup! I gave her the chocolate. She did want it mom!”

Z Nugg was a happy little sister. So much for keeping her away from candy like we did with Little Nugget.

Cheers to keeping a light heart!

This is the story of Little Nugget’s life. Three plus years of constantly being photographed will do this to a kid. The one in the back just doesn’t know it yet. This picture has nothing to do with the post, but I couldn’t help but use it because it made me laugh just as learning about the M&M exchange did.

2 thoughts on “That time when…big brother gives his little sister her first piece of candy to solve his problem.

  1. I am personally waiting for a moment similar to that which you have described. Chocolate, sugar, food dye – you know, all those things first-time mothers have a much time easier avoiding than second-tie moms! Thank you for the reassurance that all will be well 🙂

    1. It was definitely easier avoiding the unhealthy things with our first since there wasn’t an eager toddler trying to experiment. What helps me “brush it off” is keeping a light heart and reminding myself that even if they do have a little bit every now and then, it won’t harm them. All within measure, right? Thank you for taking the time to read and comment! I appreciate you!

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