On this Monday

On this Monday, I commit to feeling empowered, and the only person that can make me feel this is myself. I will not accept feeling disempowered, shamed, or suppressed by others—this goes for those close to me to those that I only see through a screen.

On this Monday, I do not accept being told that I should stop praying and start acting out. Instead, I continue praying, continue believing, and commit to changing the world in ways that I know I can.

On this Monday, I choose to recognize that I am a good person with a good heart that has talents, gifts, skills that can better the world day by day—because I believe in the ripple effect.

On this Monday, I intend to live in the present because I’m not guaranteed to feel this conscious, confident, and positive tomorrow. I’m not guaranteed tomorrow at all, so I know I need to try my best today. I need to love, dance, smile, feel good, and do good today.

On this Monday, I feel love especially for those who don’t receive any. I choose to put out as much love for the “bad” people as I do for the “good” because if I don’t break the cycle somewhere, who will?

What do you intend for you Monday?

The perception I have of myself affects the way I interact with the world around me. Today, I choose to see myself as important as the moon, the sky, and the mountains. Today, I respect that everyone around me is too.

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