Ubbi diaper pail

**The following is my personal opinion. Ubbi is not paying me for this review.**

Product description/details:
This review is on Ubbi’s diaper pail in robin’s blue egg. Although the color has, in my opinion, nothing to do with the performance of the diaper pail, I mention it because the diaper pail is available in a variety of colors. (To view all available colors, click here.)

The Ubbi diaper pail is an oval-shaped, powder-coated steel diaper pail. It has rubber seals, a full-open top, a sliding lid and childproof safety lock built into the top, and a bag holder on the inside.

I had measured the number of diapers that fit in the diaper pail when Z Nugg was a newborn, and haven’t measured it again since then—she is now eight months. I found myself changing the bag on average every 4-5 days and I’d throw away 8-10 diapers a day. Doing the math, the bag fits about 32-50 diapers before having to be changed. (Obviously, this number will vary.) On their website, Ubbi states that the diaper pail holds an average of 35 diapers, so I’m not too far off.

Who are they (the company)?
Ubbi is a Pearhead, Inc company. If you haven’t heard of Pearhead before, they are the company that makes products to celebrate and document your baby’s milestones, months, years…life. Ubbi stems from Pearhead and makes quality diaper pails, toilet training products, and they are starting to expand into baby/toddler feeding products.

Why use them (the company)?
I have personally worked with Ubbi, and in working with them, I’ve gained the confidence to say that they are a trustworthy company. The ease of communicating with my contacts at Ubbi has been a pleasure, and I would definitely recommend them as a reliable company, in general, although I only have experience with their diaper pails.

How did I hear about them (the company)?
I was introduced to Ubbi through an Instagram giveaway in October of 2015 where I won other things like the Blooming Bath. Ubbi was one of the five companies participating in the giveaway.

How often do I use this product?
I’ve been using the diaper pail since the birth of my daughter, Zion. I’ve used the Ubbi diaper pail every day for the last eight months.

Product pros:

  • My number one ‘pro’ about this diaper pail is, it is easy to use.
  • This diaper pail doesn’t need special filters for it to do its job—I’m sure the fact that this diaper pail is made of steel has something to do with this. I love that I don’t have to go to the store to continue purchasing additional items (bags are the exception) to have this diaper pail work.
  • The steel-make of the diaper pail keeps odors in. Seriously! When I lift open the top to unload the bag full of diapers, I smell it!
  • Any 13 gallon bag works with this diaper pail. You don’t have to purchase their specific bags, which means you can stock up on a Costco pack of 13 gallon bags, and voila, you’ve got a functional diaper pail for the next year, at least!
  • The diaper pail’s sliding lid helps there to be less disruption in the air flow which means that when you close it, the diaper odor will not be pushed out into your living environment.
  • The bag holder on the inside of the pail helps keep the bag in place.
  • The childproof safety lock helps keep unaware babies out of the diaper pail. (I say unaware babies because my toddler knows how to lock and unlock it now.)
  • The diaper pail’s oval shape allows it to fit better in slender areas. We have it behind a door.

Product cons:

  • Unloading the bag full of diapers can be frustrating at times. I’d suggest leaving the bag slightly open in order for the flow of air to assist you in removing the bag instead of making it more challenging. However, in doing this, you are inviting the odor from the bag into your living space.

Suggestions for the product (if any):
My only suggestion for this diaper pail would be for Ubbi to including a foot piece for users to step on when removing a full bag. The suction the bag creates when it’s being removed can cause the diaper pail to lift up with the bag.

Company contact/website:
You can contact Ubbi by emailing them at service@ubbiworld.com or by calling them at (800) 827-6985. Ubbi also has international contacts for those customers that are outside of the United States. Click here to see Ubbi’s international contacts.

Where can you purchase this company’s products?
Ubbi diaper pails can be purchased at children boutiques and select buybuyBaby stores. To locate a store near you, click here to search via Ubbi’s store locator.

Do you have any feedback?
Do you have any comments, questions, or concerns about what I wrote above? Please feel free to comment below or email me directly at jasmini88@yahoo.com. I would love to hear from you.


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