Tips for pregnant women and their partners

The following tips apply to woman—and men—who aren’t pregnant, but they were jotted down during my pregnancy with Z Nugg; hence, the title “Tips for pregnant women and their partners”. The following tips helped Josh and me get through pregnancy number two, helped us become healthier, and helped create a healthy routine for our children and ourselves. I’m finally getting around to sharing them.

  1. Wash and prepare snacks as soon as you arrive home from the grocery store.
    I recommend washing, cutting, and storing any fruits and/or veggies that you bring home for grab-and-eat access. For example, Josh and I do our best to remove grapes, blueberries, and strawberries from their packaging, wash them, then store them in a plastic container so that we can eat them without having to put in the work later when we’re craving or hungry. The same goes for broccoli, mushrooms, bell peppers, etc.
  2. Plan a day for meal prep.
    Sundays seem to work for us. Thinking of what we’re going to have for lunch and/or dinner every day is exhausting, so why not do it once a week? We make an attempt at setting aside a few hours one day a week to prepare our meals. Doing this gives us more free time throughout the week. Josh and I enjoy doing this together, so meal prepping turns out to be great bonding time as well.
  3. Clean your plasticware as soon as you can.
    This one comes from experience. I won’t point fingers or mention any names, but one of the four of us in my family is not so great at cleaning our plasticware. Washing and storing our containers right after they are used avoids laziness, prevents molding, conserves them, and it saves money because we don’t have to go out and buy more.
  4. Make a list of healthy and unhealthy foods you like, and take it with you to the store.
    Having a list at my fingertips takes out some—if not most—of the guessing work from my shopping trip. It also saves me time. Having a list of the healthy and unhealthy foods (seriously, make two columns) I like is a good list to have available because it keeps me on track to eating better and staying healthier. It’s not wrong to buy unhealthy foods, but I try to make a conscious effort at buying more healthy foods than unhealthy foods, and my list is a visual aid in accomplishing this.

My intention in sharing these tips was to (hopefully) provide you with some ideas of how you can better adapt to a busy lifestyle without compromising your health—something I find very important especially when pregnant. It’s doable, it’s possible, I just know the tools aren’t always given to us, so it’s up to us to find them or even create them.

Cheers to sharing knowledge and ideas!

**Side tip** Try to involve your partner in as much as you can. Anything you do can turn out to be bonding time, and this is a good habit to have as parenthood can be a difficult time on a relationship. (Mug made for me by my better half.)

2 thoughts on “Tips for pregnant women and their partners

  1. Love these ideas!! I’ve been trying to get organized but haven’t been intentional about it. I know it’s doable though! Thanks for sharing.

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