That time when…your firstborn establishes nicknames for his little sister.

I haven’t posted Z Nugg’s recent milestones. I will soon…hopefully. To quickly catch you up, she started sitting up, crawling, kneeling, and standing up all within a week. In having Z Nugg crawling all over the place—literally—I’ve given up on trying to keep her in one area. She is now allowed, under supervision, to roam our entire apartment.

When Z Nugg began learning how to crawl, she was very slow—as we all are when learning something new. She still isn’t very fast, but when she first started off, Little Nugget made a very accurate observation. Little Nugget and I were sitting on the floor watching Z Nugg attempt to crawl when Little Nugget said, “Zion is a crocodile.” I didn’t understand, so I asked him to explain. “Zion moves slow like a crocodile, so she is a crocodile!” Sure enough, if you see a crocodile walking, it looks just like Z Nugg trying to crawl. ::insert laughing emoji here:: So now, Little Nugget has three names that he uses in reference to his little sister:

  • “mamas” – used when he is nurturing, loving, and caring for his sister.
  • “little crocodile” – used when he is playing with his sister. I heard him say, “Don’t worry little crocodile…” just yesterday as they played in the living room while I cleaned the kitchen.
  • “Zion” – used when he is frustrated or annoyed with his sister.

I knew that I would love watching my children grow individually, but I never knew I’d love watching them grow together this much.

Cheers to keeping a light heart!

Our little crocodile – 33 weeks (7 months)

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