That time when…your daughter makes a big improvement.

In one of my last “That time when…”, I mentioned that Z Nugg, aka the little crocodile, was freely roaming the apartment. It’s very difficult to keep her wrangled up in one area, both physically and emotionally. This little girl is D-E-T-E-R-M-I-N-E-D! Being that she’s roaming freely, she’s gotten herself into her brother’s things, including his stickers. How do I know this? Well, other than finding the sheets of stickers laying across the living room floor, I’ve also found them in her mouth and in her hair. Let me explain the one from her mouth a little more in detail, as there is a punchline to that one.

Z Nugg had been crawling around for about 45 minutes and was ready for a nap. I picked her up to nurse her after she began whining. I took her from the ground into our room where I nurse her on my rocking chair. When she was done nursing, she unlatched and I caught a view of something blue in her mouth. I anxiously reached in her mouth with my pinky to remove whatever was in her mouth. (I knew the color and consistency of breastmilk varied, but have never heard of it being blue!) It turned out to be one of Little Nugget’s stickers, and…wait for it…the sticker read, “Big improvement!”

HA!!! I’m pretty sure the sticker was referring to Z Nugg’s improvement in motor skills since on my end, there was none. At least I know she can feed herself now.

Cheers to keeping a light heart!




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