That time when…you have an in-the-moment parenting win.

I don’t know about any of you who live in an apartment, but we hear all types of noises coming from our walls and ceiling. I know that the noises from the ceiling are from the upstairs neighbor, but the walls, I can only imagine are from the pipes? A lot of the time it sounds like water flushing through them, but then there are other times that it sounds like a really loud fan. Sometimes it goes slow, sometimes it goes fast, and a lot of the time it’s pretty loud. Well, loud for Little Nugget.

Little Nugget has always been highly sensitive to sounds. As a newborn, my coughing would startle him and make him cry. To this day, he covers his ears and has a nervous look on his face with most (if not all) noises, especially loud ones. We’ve done our best to offer him different coping methods thus far, but there are some sounds that he just can’t get over or completely cope with…like the noises in our walls.

Recently, we had a little episode—episodes happen every day with Little Nugget—with the noises that come from our apartment walls. Coincidentally, Little Nugget was laying on the floor while I massaged his legs. I was trying to relax him before going to bed, but then the noises in the walls began and the opposite happened. I tried not to give any notice to the look on his face. It was slowly turning into a look of terror because the sounds started getting faster and louder. Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore and he started crying.

Thoughts of frustration went through my head. We go through this almost every night, and Little Nugget usually ends up crying and forced into bed. (I know it’s a phase.) I almost scolded him to calm down and relax. I almost disciplined him with stating that they were the same sounds he had heard yesterday, the day before yesterday, and the day before then, but I refrained. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and something happened. A light turned on in my head and in my heart. I magically thought to ask him what kind of airplane the noises in the walls sounded like? Did it sound like it was coming from a small or big airplane? Was the airplane going fast or slow? Or maybe it was from a helicopter? His face changed from terrified to pensive and amused. It was like magic.

He decided that the noise was coming from a jet plane that was circling the world. He had no issue going to sleep after thinking about airplanes instead of needing protection form the “the pipes in the wall”.

It’s a parenting win when I don’t have to argue with Little Nugget to go to bed. It’s a win when I know Little Nugget isn’t terrified when trying to fall asleep. It’s a win when there’s less of a chance of him waking up the next morning telling us that he had a “bad dream”.

I wish I could always think of creative ways of parenting through these moments. I know it is possible, it’s just the adult in me makes it annoyingly difficult to unlock my creativity. I guess that means it’s time for a new Big Nugget adventure.

Cheers to keeping a light heart!

This was Josh’s form of parenting through “the pipes in the wall”. Josh gave Little Nugget a cycling cap that he now wears to sleep because it “protects” him from the sounds. It reminds me of the sunglasses that made the kid invisible in “Big Daddy”. Hey, whatever works right?

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