That time when…you spontaneously give birth to a new family tradition.

I had just finished bathing Little Nugget. I was drying him off to lotion him up and get him dressed. He asked for a hug. As he wrapped his arms around me, he randomly said, “Mom, I don’t want Halloween to come because it’s ugly.” The time was here.

For the last three years, we have not had to worry about Little Nugget’s reactions to any holidays because he did not understand them. His statement was proof that this year would be different. He has begun to understand that there are times throughout the year where the masses celebrate in certain ways.

Thank goodness for whatever little light decided to flicker in my head because it helped me respond with an idea that even I was very proud of and excited for. This was my response and his reaction…

Me: “Halloween doesn’t have to be ugly, papa. It can be a beautiful celebration. We just have to make it beautiful for ourselves. What if we make a scarecrow for Halloween?” 

LN: “Oh yes! And our scarecrow can scare all the pigeons away!” 

Me: “That will work! We can go thrift shopping for his pants and shirt. What do you think we can use for his head? What about a balloon?”

LN: “No. A balloon is too floaty and it will pop.”

Me: “You’re so right! We’ll keep thinking about that one. What about his name?” 

LN: “His name will be Justin!”

And that was the end of him mentioning that Halloween was an ugly time of year. Now, all he talks about is Justin, so over the weekend, I took him to Goodwill to look for Justin’s clothes. In seeing how much Justin’s clothes would cost and comparing it to how much I really was willing to invest into this paper-gut-man’s attire, I asked Little Nugget if Justin could be a kid? Why? It would incentivize me to go through Little Nugget’s clothes and see what doesn’t fit him anymore. (An opportunity to cross two things off my list.)

Little Nugget was totally on board! He loved the idea that Justin would be wearing his clothes. Now, Little Nugget wakes up every morning asking if I’ve found what pants and shirt of his we will be using to make Justin.

And that’s how it happened. This is how we gave birth to a Halloween tradition.

Cheers to keeping a light heart!


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