We fall and then we rise

A friend of mine recently sent me the above Instagram post in the screenshot through a direct message. I opened it knowing that it was going to be something beautiful and/or inspirational. (That’s just the type of person this friend is. Thank you, Bon!)

At first, reading “You’ve seen my descent, now watch my rising.” didn’t have much of an effect on me. However, when I read that same quote in context (see second screenshot below), my heart exploded!

I resonated greatly with the exchange between Glennon and A. What Glennon responded is precisely the intentional living and parenting I strive to achieve. Let me explain…

I don’t strive to be perfect, and I never ever want to give my children the impression that I am. I want my Nuggets to know that their mother is human and this means there are times where I may feel sad, scared, or angry and I will most likely cry. There will be times where I just cannot be strong and will need their help. I want my Nuggets to know that imperfections, obstacles, and darkness are a part of life, and we must learn to live with and make the most of them. We must learn to cope in order to move forward.

I’ve been a mother since the day Little Nugget was born (obviously), but I’m finally starting to feel strong in what I believe in, and am able to define more of what I am comfortable with when it comes to my children’s wellbeing.

The note and response depicted in the screenshot provided helped me see my parenting intentions a little clearer. It helped me feel more confident in myself as a mother, someone who is entirely—well, half—responsible for the wellbeing and raising of human beings. (A huge responsibility!)

Rumi and Glennon, thank you for helping me reflect and define what I strive and stand for:

I strive to be honest—first and foremost to myself—about my errors, mistakes, and failures, and remember that moments are momentary. Life will proceed with or without me. It’s up to me to accompany it or be left behind.

I strive to be sincere in my apologies, and in doing so, also respectfully communicating with anyone who I feel owes me an apology. This is part of taking care of myself.

Overall, I strive to show people—especially my Nuggets— that I am human. I will have ugly days just as I will have beautiful ones. In either situation, I will do my best to hold no one other than myself accountable for my actions, emotions, and words.

I strive to lead by example.

Cheers to sharing little pieces of wisdom on the internet!


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