The Heated Debate, Spicy If You Will

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At long last we have finally gotten to the point where people are growing increasingly frustrated as to which side to choose.  People have their biases and personal preferences, but for those who have no preference at all, this is huge.  We are not talking about Hillary or Trump.  I am not going into a Pro-Life/Pro-Choice debate.  This is much more grand, it is of extreme importance and has caused much confusion to all the people of America… Taco Bell or Del Taco?

In my experience, and I’ve asked all of 12 people—unofficially—for this poll, but it was split down the middle with regards to their personal preferences.  The majority of women enjoyed Taco Bell, while the men enjoyed Del Taco more.

I feel like gender has somewhat of a factor on the consumption of such delicacies.  I did a peanut butter and jelly versus grilled cheese poll a couple years back and the women loved the grilled cheese and the men, including myself, were all about the PB&J, all day, any damn day (shout out to TQ).  But that’s another entry for another day.

Let’s start by noting on whether you would eat at either place sober or drunk.  I personally would eat at Del Taco sober, but not Taco Bell.  I take that back, I will eat Taco Bell sober, but I won’t like it.  My decision would be based on circumstance.  Questions like: “Do I have a coupon?”, “How hungry am I?”, “How much further is Del Taco?” all come to mind.

Now, if I am hammered, I’ll pretty much eat anything that is edible and not expired.  I knocked out a whole bag of carrots with no ranch dressing once.  I’ve consumed a whole bag of bagels without cream cheese, as well.  These were two separate occasions.  What kind of monster do you think I am?!

Let’s think about the menu for a moment.  What does Taco Bell have that Del Taco does not have?  Um, nothing huh?  If you say cinnamon twists, you’ve lost your whole argument because those are awful.  They’re dry and weird and don’t really taste that good.  How could you even put that up as a proposition when Del Taco has churros?  I mean really, it’s not even comparable.

We must also ask ourselves what Del Taco has to offer that Taco Bell does not?  Where do I begin?  We can start with fries, realize they also have chili cheese fries, we mentioned churros, we did not mention milkshakes, and damn they have burgers too!  Are you kidding me?!  Taco Bell is plain Jane compared to Del Taco.  It’s not even close!

Del Taco is just as cheap, the quality of the food is much better at Del Taco in my opinion, AND Del Taco is open 24 hours at ALL locations.  Sorry Taco Bell fans, this has been weighing on my soul for some time now and I wanted to lure you into this debate to put it to rest once and for all.  Booya!

What do I order from Del Taco you ask?  Just the “Ricky Congo Special” which consists of 3 chicken soft tacos with light sauce, chili cheese fries, a chocolate shake and a churro for all the haters that believe in those dry ass cinnamon twists.

Del Taco for the win, but I will acknowledge Taco Bell’s decent breakfast.  Emphasis on the decent.

-Ricky Congo

Which “side” will you choose? Pun absolutely intended! – Big Nugget

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