Social Media Whores

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I have been off of social media (mainly Facebook and Instagram) now for about 4 months going on 5.  At first, I deactivated because it had started to become a place where people vent or complain (which is incredibly annoying; do something about your situation if you don’t like it!).  It has also become this avenue for which people just argue about everything (politics, personal problems, airing out dirty laundry, etc.), at least in my eyes.  Then I really began to realize that without Facebook and Instagram in my life, there was some pressure lifted off of my back.  I know it sounds a little strange, but let me explain…

Social media was meant to help keep in touch with friends and family that live out of town and you don’t get to see everyday.  However, it has kind of become this venue to show off to those people and say “say, hey look at what I am doing…” or “like my posts, I am awesome…”.  Don’t act like you don’t think that way; I am insanely guilty of it too.  To be honest most of my posts are to make people jealous.  I think it’s important to enjoy yourself, while letting other people know about it.

I have always been pretty confident in myself and comfortable in my own skin, but when it came to social media, I felt like I was indirectly trying to top my own friends, if that makes any sense at all.  It was like this false competition that really wins you nothing.  On top of that, I would subconsciously remember who “liked” my posts.  Because of this, I would “like” theirs back.  It became this weird fucking cycle of bullshit that didn’t actually matter.  AND now I am glued to my phone like a fucking moron, “liking” a bunch of shit I don’t actually like because I feel obligated to like my friends shit, due to them liking my pointless garbage.  I am laughing out loud right now at how ridiculous this all sounds.

The moment I decided that enough was enough, came when a friend of mine asked me why I didn’t “like” his/her post (I am being vague on purpose).  That was it.  I couldn’t do it anymore.  At that point, this person didn’t care about my friendship.  This person cared about the “likes”, which are FUCKING MEANINGLESS.  Yes, there are people out there like this and they suck.  Suck so bad, that they keep tabs on whether you “like” their post or not.  It’s really insane when you think about it.

I would also like to point out that the excessive selfie movement really bothers me (another reason I am off of social media).  It just seems very self-absorbed and has the feel of a person fishing for an ego boost.  Don’t get me wrong, women can post 1 or 2 every now and then, but holy shit, every single day?!  We get it, you like when your friends call you pretty.  Also, for my fellow men out there, there are no circumstances where you should post a selfie.  Like ever.  Here are a few rules I have on the selfie game for men:

1) It is not a selfie if you are not holding the phone and someone else is taking the picture.

2) It is not a selfie if another person is in the picture because you’re not by yourself.  This is a self-taken portrait.

3) Self-taken portraits with women are acceptable.

4) Self-taken portraits with men are not.  Unless…

5) The self-taken portrait is with a celebrity or you’re with family member in a place you’ve never been and there is no outside party available to take the photo.

Before people get worked up about what I am saying, I would just like to point out that humans can be awful beings.  I am not being negative; I am just stating facts.  Why do I believe this?  I created an Instagram for my dog and she is more popular than most of my friends and myself.  She receives more “likes”, has a ton of followers, and she doesn’t even speak any human language.  I am not jealous at all.  She is a wonderful being and deserves all of the attention.  Hell, if more people were like her, this world would be a better place.  She is always happy to see me and any other person.  Like beyond excited.  She knows what she wants to eat (which is the same shit every single day and LOVES it), she doesn’t mind going outside to play or staying in to sleep, and most importantly, even though she is a female dog, she doesn’t bitch about anything.  I think that is why she is so popular in the social media world.

All in all, I do believe social media does have its value.  I remember only a few birthdays, so having that tool is kind of nice, and I forget names sometimes, so it helps with that too.  It can provide news, but sometimes it is unwanted news.  Other than that, I kind of view it as a headache.  I dislike the fact that employers can look you up and judge you without even knowing whom you are.  I dislike that people get offended so easily with it… for example: not accepting friend requests right away, not following back, not “liking” a post.

The only social media I use, which kind of aren’t social media platforms, to me anyway, are Twitter (for news) and sometimes snapchat because posts disappear and you can’t “like” anything on there.  In the meantime, I will only be active on the other social media outlets when I am on vacation.  Once vacation is over, you better believe it is going to be deactivated once again.  Otherwise, I prefer e-mail, text message, or phone call (FaceTime included).  I like being straight and to the point.  It is easier that way and I actually enjoy a real conversation, not someone acknowledging my worthless post with a “like”.

-Ricky Congo


It’s really hard to get a normal picture of me. -Big Nugget



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