A new way to adventure

Yesterday, I wrote about some changes my body is currently undergoing. In my opinion, the post had a little bit of a negative tone to it, and in reflecting why, I believe it’s because change is uncomfortable. When change happens, I feel uncertain, extra vulnerable (almost naked), and afraid of failing. However, I also see much beauty in change, but it’s only when I am grateful for the discomfort that I see the beauty. Let me attempt to give you an example of being grateful and ungrateful for the changes that apply to my life.

My hormones are changing…
Because my baby is no longer breastfeeding as much as she was…
Because she doesn’t need the same nourishment from me…
Because she will no longer be a baby anymore…
Because she is growing.

Grateful: I’ve had so much to do with my baby growing, and I am grateful to have the ability of being a mother who’s brought her baby this far.
Ungrateful: I hate the discomfort that comes with my hormones changing. I don’t want my baby to stop breastfeeding. I don’t want my baby to grow up.

Yes, I’ve had both reactions. There is nothing wrong with being a Negative Nancy—I think that’s a natural part of being human. Allowing myself to feel defeated long enough to let it affect my life, however, is a different story. It’s taken me most of my life to learn the difference.

So, to add to yesterday’s post, I would like to document and share that I am finally starting to settle into being a mother of two. This is coming from the adventure aspect of my motherhood journey. I remember the adventures Little Nugget and I would go on, just him and I. Sometimes I find myself wallowing in a puddle of guilt because it’s been at least a year since Little Nugget has had an adventure like that with me, but it’s starting to change. I will (very) soon be a mother of a toddler and a tyke, and with this comes a new way to mother…a new way to adventure.

My first adventure with both of my Nuggets was an outdoor photoshoot. (Surprised?) I went with an open mind and heart, willing to go with the flow, and without any expectations, which worked to my advantage. You’ll see why.

I packed up the stroller with snacks, drinks, toys, a blanket to sit on, and my gear, and a bunch of other stuff I’m forgetting, I’m sure.
One of the keys to my success with this adventure was allowing my kids to be kids.
The blanket came in handy as there was morning dew on the grass. Win!
Although my pictures were rushed, I’m happy to have what I captured. That Z Nugg doesn’t stay for long anymore.
I had to be alright with not everyone being into taking pictures.
Natural is (most of the time) better anyways.


Key to success no. 2: Joining my kids in being kids.
I had to be alright with not being in focus.
Having no expectations and understanding that this was a one-woman photoshoot helped out.


I had to be alright with almost being out of the frame.


I know that at one point in my life, I would’ve considered this photoshoot a fail.
I have learned that a piece of broccoli is better than none at all, a five minute workout is better than none at all…
And that a few well-focused pictures are better than none at all.

I hope to inspire you to invite change when it comes into your life. It may come unfocused and overexposed, but remember that there is beauty somewhere in it too.

Cheers to change!



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