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When I think about the gym, it’s a lot like going to mass or church.  Everything in both places are cold (sometimes that includes the people), unless someone else was sitting in the seat prior to you arriving.  They are both places you go to become better as a human being.  Most of the time, you hate going to either one, but after you’ve put in at least an hour of work, you always feel better about yourself.  Even the tiniest of improvements can make you feel that progress has been made.  You tend to feel like you’ve accomplished something, no matter how small it may seem.

What am I getting at here?  Why do I even bother with such an analogy?  I just feel like when you’re working on yourself, you don’t really involve other people.  Whether church or the gym, my focus is on bettering myself.  So, I don’t like to talk to people while I’m at either place.  It’s nothing personal, it is just what I prefer.  I like to come in, do my work, and leave.  I’m not trying to be rude, I’m not being short, and I still like you.

While I am in mass, it’s very rare that people talk to me when I’m in my “zone”.  That’s because I am already talking to someone else.  I’m talking to God, I’m praying to God and I am having a very personal moment with God.  He’s listening to all of my struggles, my concerns, my flaws and my prayers.

While I am at the gym, I have headphones on.  Sometimes I am listening to music, most of the time I am not.  I don’t talk to anyone because I am already talking to someone else.  I am talking to myself.  I am convincing myself that I can do something, I’m believing in myself, and dammit, sometimes I am lying to myself.  If I don’t lie to myself, then I won’t attempt something new because I won’t actually believe I can do it.  I’m obviously trying to concentrate on myself and that’s why I try to avoid conversation at the gym.  It is my well-being I am concerned with.  It doesn’t mean I’m unfriendly, it doesn’t mean I don’t like you, and it certainly doesn’t mean that I don’t want to talk to you at a later time.  I’m just trying to do work and get it done efficiently.

One last thing.  Much like when participating in mass, when in the gym, you don’t need to be on your phone.  You don’t need to take a selfie.  You don’t need to have proof that you’ve been going to the gym, and you certainly don’t need to be checking your phone while at the gym.  I say this because it is disrespectful to the others who are waiting on you to finish your sets.  They are a part of the gym too. They too need to get their work in or else they wouldn’t be there with you.

When you’ve finished your work in mass or at the gym, your proof is in your character and in your physique.  People will notice how you treat everyone around you as well as how well you’ve taken care of your body.  They’ll notice when you have excess energy, they’ll notice an improved attitude, and they’ll notice how much more attractive you are.  So, you don’t need to document all of the work you put in… the results will show, whether you like it or not.

-Ricky Congo

I read this post feeling guilty that I’m (most of the time) one of those people who documents herself “doing work”. Then I thought about it, there’s no shame in it if I’m conscious of it and own it. -Big Nugget (Big Bear 2013)

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