The world’s revolution

Happy November 1st! Holiday season BOWvember has officially begun and I want to thank you for joining me. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, I introduced this special time yesterday, so without getting sidetracked, I am excited to begin my thirty days of writing (aka BOWvember) with a piece of advice that was given to me almost a decade ago.

“My world does not revolve around you.” 

I understand that these words may sound offensive, and believe me, they were at the time when they were given to me. Let me give you the scenario so you can understand why and how these words have positively shaped my perspective on others and their space.

The individual that delivered these words to me had their own obstacles they were undergoing and had retreated into their own world to deal with them. I had taken this space—their space—personal. To make a long story short, I had interpreted their space as neglect, made everything about me, and added to their conflict. I remember asking them, “Why are you mad at me?” To which I received the above response. I had pushed this individual far enough to have to let me know that just because they were having conflict didn’t automatically make me the reason for it.

The explanation to their response was a big “OH!” moment for me. I was forced to reflect on what I was actually offended by. It was the individual’s lack of communication, the space I was required to respect in order for them to figure themselves out. It was the fact that my needs weren’t being met. I was offended by not being the center of their universe! Sounds self-centered doesn’t it?

I still revisit and repeat the above phrase to myself. Who am I to think that anyone’s world revolves around me? The phrase has helped me to not take things so personal. It has helped me understand that life happens, and if someone hasn’t reached out to me, life must be happening to them just as it’s happening to me.

These words have humbled and strengthened me; I am extremely grateful for this and the person that said them to me (you know who you are). I hope they’ve enlightened you in some way, too.

– Big Nugget


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