Siblings and friends

Today is my little brother’s 23rd birthday. He’s not so little anymore. He’s over six feet tall, is a college graduate, and has his own car. It still takes me a second to process this sometimes. I still remember talking to him every night when he was growing in our mother’s womb. He was my first “real” best friend. I say real because, as they say, blood is thicker than water, and being that we’re related by blood, I trusted my little brother with everything. Some people I called best friends, but didn’t share everything with. With Serg (my little brother), I shared a mom, siblings, a room, and information no one else knew. I speak in past tense, but a lot of what I mentioned, I still share with him…minus the room.

Although we’re in very different chapters of our lives, my little brother is still a very big part of my life. Actually, all of my siblings are, which leads me to express (aka document) my gratitude for my siblings.

I am one of four children, number three actually. My mom raised us in a way—I wish I knew the “formula”—that I can trust and count on my brothers and sister for anything at anytime. Naturally, we all have our differences, but know that aside from those differences, we have a connection that we do not have with anyone else. We our siblings and friends.

I remember Josh asking me at one point in our lives, “Why don’t you hang out with your friends more often?” I had to reflect on it in order to answer his question. I came to the conclusion that it’s because I have my siblings. It’s not only because I have them, but because we were raised to be friends even when we have differences. (This isn’t to say I don’t want or need friends.)

I want to raise my Nuggets in the same manner. I want them to have the same honor, love, and respect for each other, like my siblings and I have towards one another. I want to indulge in watching them hangout without me, help each other with homework, and try to vouch for each other after their mischievous plans go awry. I want them to know that they have each other even when they no longer have me earthside.

I am grateful for the siblings that my parents gave me, for the way my mother taught us to be siblings and friends, and for the opportunity to help shape a special relationship between my Nuggets.

– Big Nugget

Day 5 – As kids, my little brother and I would wake up on Saturday mornings to watch a marathon of cartoons while sharing a big bag of Hot Cheetos for breakfast. Although I miss those times, I am happy that our diets changed for the better.

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