That time when…your three-year-old silently checks you.

I’m going to be completely honest, so bear with me. I don’t get enough sleep, and that’s no one else’s fault but my own. Not getting enough sleep often translates to feeling sluggish, and “half-assing” some parenting tasks helps me make it to the end of a day…sometimes. One specific task that I can attest to half-assing is reading books to Little Nugget, specifically one of his favorites which has more words than I care to read when I’m exhausted.

Little Nugget likes me to read to him, and I am grateful for this. Some nights, Little Nugget wants to read a book before bed, which is after I’ve played with him and Z Nugg, and after I’ve bathed and gotten them ready for bed. By this point, I’m exhausted and reading will most likely put me to bed before I can get him into bed. (In case you’re wondering, this is my routine when Josh is out working his booty off for us.)

I am aware that I could easily reject Little Nugget’s request to read to him and use feeling tired as an excuse, but that would be completely “assing” parenting. Plus, I’m consciously parenting, remember? (I’m laughing at myself right about now.) I want to foster the love for reading and creative thinking in my child. I will make the time and effort to read to him, and while I do so, I will also use the fact that he doesn’t read to my advantage.

On this specific night, I accepted his request to read to him. I always allow him to choose what book he wants me to read, so of course he chose one of his favorites—the one that I mentioned at the beginning, the one with a lot of words. I literally thought, “Great! I’m going to fall asleep before I finish half of the book.” So, I thought of the brilliant idea of cutting the book short. After reading one page, I would turn three pages instead of only turning one. I was almost done reading the book when Little Nugget stopped me. “Wait, mom!” He exclaimed as he forced my hand off of the book and looked back at all the pages I hadn’t read. “You forgot to read all of these other pages!” I replied with a, “Oh my! I did!” I didn’t go into an explanation because when I know I got caught doing something wrong, I don’t waste my time digging myself a deeper hole. After that, he insisted on turning the pages himself.

Thanks to my “half-ass” reading, Little Nugget now watches me like a hawk when I read to him. It’s an unspoken rule between us that he is in charge of turning the pages now. If I do happen to turn a page, he rubs the corner of the page between his thumb and index finger to make sure that other pages haven’t come along with it. (Hashtag: Got caught!)

I am so grateful for my Little Nugget’s consciousness, and for his appreciation of reading. I am especially grateful for him not throwing it in my face when he figured me out. (It reminded me of the time he caught me eating ice cream at night.) I am so proud of the grace he carries himself with.

Cheers to keeping a light heart!

Day 7 – I can’t be surprised when my Nuggets try and take shortcuts like me. I have to stay conscious that I am one of their biggest influences.

2 thoughts on “That time when…your three-year-old silently checks you.

  1. I myself have used that technique especially with some Dr Seuss books that make my brain hurt if I read every page. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Doc, but just eat the green eggs and ham already, for crying out loud!!!

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