Minion cake

Last year I began a birthday tradition with Little Nugget…we make his birthday cake together. Making Little Nugget’s cake a collaboration between us has become one of my favorite parts of his special day.

I’m giving myself a break from the reflection-type of post today to bring you more pictures than words. Here are a few pictures from Little Nugget’s birthday that will give you an insight on how it went for our simple Nugget.

This year, I hyped up the cake-making by letting Little Nugget stay up past his bedtime on the eve of his birthday. (Look at that intense lip action on my part!)
I love these moments because it not only gives us quality bonding time, but it also allows me to teach Little Nugget and build his confidence. He got to measure the ingredients, mix them together, and taste the concoction before we put it in the oven. 
He l-o-v-e-s feeling useful! (Don’t we all?) I loved seeing how proud he was of himself when he accomplished the simple task of “mixing” his cake.
After Little Nugget and I poured the mix into the baking pan and popped it in the oven, he was sent to bed. Josh and I finished the cake for him. (That was the surprise element.)
Last year Little Nugget wanted a tie dye cake. This year it was a Minion cake.  
The how-to-make a Minion cake was a collaborative effort. Josh and I didn’t use Pinterest (I avoid that website, actually), we just used our creativity and love for our child, which in my opinion was all we needed to make two great-looking Minion cakes. What do you think?
1 + an invisible 3 = 4
I love him so stinking much!
May all of your crazy wishes come true my Little Nugget. 

Cheers to another year of life with this amazing little boy!

*A special note of appreciation to the man I call my best friend and father of my children. Thank you, my love, for being just as crazy about our children as I am. Thank you for collaborating with me to make our Little Nugget’s life as awesome as possible. 

**Ingredients for the Minion cake:
– Yellow cake mix (from a box)
– Large marshmallows
– Black cookie icing
 (makes designing easier)


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