Now, the jacuzzi

Do you have a self-care routine in place? If you’re a mom, I’m almost sure that you will answer no. Why am I so sure? Well, because having such a high level title—“mom”—means wearing 101 other hats. Moms are the makers, the feeders, shakers, doers, finders, drivers, bathers, and…shall I keep going? (This isn’t to say dads don’t or can’t do these things too.) As a mom, when do I expect to fit in time to take care of myself with all of these other responsibilities?

If you’ve been following my blog for at least the last six months, you’ll know that somewhere in my current journey, I have consciously accepted the importance of making time to take care of myself. Accepting this has freed me of the guilt I used to feel while taking a relaxing hike up the mountain while Josh took the Nuggets to the baby-sitter. However, accepting the importance of self-care doesn’t always mean I’m successful at respecting it or acting in favor of it.

I know the effects of not providing myself the space I need to recharge, refresh, and relax. In my case, the effects are called a TIA, anxiety attacks and/or tensed muscles that cause me to cry every now and then. These stressful moments were a direct result of placing my self-care on the back burner.

Recently, the tears that rolled down my cheeks as I felt like my neck and shoulders could no longer hold up my head were a clear sign that my body was in dire need of tender love and care. As always, signs lead me to realizations, which then lead me to action, and then my life changes for the better…until the next obstacle comes up.

My realization: my self-care routine needs to be adapted to my current life situation.

Life is a never-ending maze. I never know when there will be a crazy sharp turn, an elevating jump, or depressing pitfall, but this should never stand in the way of taking care of myself. It may not be every day that I can provide myself the space, but I need to make it a priority. I am better when I do, and so is the rest of my family.

Previous self-care routine: taking a morning hike at least three times a week.
Current self-care routine: use the jacuzzi to decompress at least three times a week.

What are you doing for yourself?

– Big Nugget

Day 15: Have you tried a jacuzzi before? I never knew what I was missing out on!

2 thoughts on “Now, the jacuzzi

  1. I can resonate well with this. I often feel guilty for taking me time to do yoga or dance, but when I do, everything runs so much smoother and happier.

    1. And I resonate so much with your words! We are SO important to ourselves, and we need to genuinely understand this and support each other in it. Thank you so much for reading and for your feedback. I appreciate you, friend!

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