Journey to Zion – 12 months earthside

The day of her birthday has arrived, although the hour hasn’t. I remember the day clearly, the hours, the motions, the denial I found myself in as I labored on this day a year ago. I remember manifesting her in my thoughts, calling her upon my womb, and receiving her into my arms. This last year has been one of the most glorious years where I learned new ways of becoming a better person, a gentler handler, and a better lover of everyone and everything. My being is filled with so much gratitude as I hear the rain fall upon our dry SoCal home because water is life, brings life, and so does my Z Nugget.

Thank you baby Jesus for this beautiful soul you’ve entrusted me with. I am forever grateful and continue to promise to do my best in raising world-changing human beings.

Cheers to birthdays and birth-days!


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