Thank You Very Much

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Thanksgiving is coming up and I think it’s important to be thankful and grateful for the many things in my life.  Even the bad things. I think it’s important to appreciate and acknowledge those things as well.  Bad days that include flat tires, a disagreement with a loved one, or even the realization of a “hater”.

Life can be hard to swallow sometimes, but if you look at things from a different angle, it’s actually kind of funny how things work out.  When you really ponder it all, the frustration and anger is really a good waste of time and energy.  Move on, life isn’t over, just take these events as opportunities to grow.

I’ve said this in a previous entry, but I will say it again.  If I died tomorrow, I will have been very satisfied with my life.  I say that because I’ve experienced a lot of things in 31 years that most people don’t get to do in a lifetime.  I’ve been spoiled my whole life, it would be difficult for me to be disappointed with all that I have experienced and accomplished.  It would be a lie to say that I haven’t developed into a loving, thoughtful and educated person.

I’ve gotten what I wanted and needed for so long that I don’t mind when other people get their way.  I’m not upset at very many things anymore.  It’s hard to be, honestly.  Think about all of the things I could possibly be upset about…

Trump is president.  Well, I had Obama for 8 years, I have a great job and am able to take care of my immediate family if need be.  The 49ers are terrible this year, but I’ve seen them win a Super Bowl in my lifetime and have had season tickets.  The Kings are awful, but they have a new arena and I’ve gotten free ticket offers from friends to almost every game.  The Giants didn’t win the World Series this year, but I have seen them win 3 times and I have gone to one of them.  Kanye West walked out on the concert I attended right after I was ready to anoint him the president in 2020 in a previous blog entry, but I got my money back and I may be part of music history.  I’ve gone to Wrestlemania, in Miami mind you.  I went to the 2003 NBA Draft and saw LeBron, Carmelo and Dwyane Wade get drafted.  I’ve seen almost all of my favorite hip-hop artists live in concert.  I graduated from UCSB, which was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life.

I sit here and laugh about all of these trivial things because I have been so spoiled.  But if you want to talk about things that matter:  I have been in love and I know what that feeling is like and what to look for in the future.  I have a loving family, though not perfect, they are there if you really absolutely need them.  I have a group of friends that are 2nd to none and my dog is the best dog in the world.

With all of that, there are people out there that want to bring me down.  We call them “haters”.  I love them.  I am sure that I don’t know who most of them are, but I love them the most because I honestly don’t blame them.  To sit here and list off the things I’ve experienced and to have the knowledge that I have and be at peace with my life, I would be jealous of me too.

If the only karmic reaction to my many blessings is obtaining a few “haters”, please tell me where to sign.  I wouldn’t trade my life or my experiences for anything in the world.  I am truly at peace in my mind, body and soul.  I love being me and I don’t take that for granted.  I am a special person and it’s about time you guys start believing that about yourselves as well.

-Ricky Congo

If you can see past the ugly, you will find all the beauty. -Big Nugget

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