Grateful through the challenges

I love that friend of the Nuggets, Ricky Congocontributed a post about gratitude yesterday. What I love the most is that he acknowledged the importance of being grateful for the obstacles. It gives me hope when I hear and see people becoming stronger and more grateful from their challenges. Here’s a short list of challenges I am grateful for.

I am grateful for having experienced depression because I appreciate my happiness.
I am grateful for the alcoholism in my family because I understand how fragile people are.
I am grateful for my life-threatening car accident because I am more aware of my driving habits.
I am grateful for my TIA because I know how to physically deal with stress.
I am grateful for the major feet surgery that put me in a wheelchair because I know what a blessing it is to walk.
I am grateful for dropping out of college and feeling like a failure because I discovered my dreams.

I strive to be grateful not only today, but everyday. I invite to join me.

What are some obstacles that you are grateful for?

Cheers to staying in the light…even when there seems to be only darkness!

Day 24 – I am grateful for everything in my life, especially these people who make it glorious.

Click below for the audio version of this post.


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