That time when…your 4-year-old is conveniently sweet to you.

Disclaimer: I intend to destigmatize menstruation by just speaking about it as normal…because it is.

I know I’ve said it before, and you may get tired of reading it, but I just have to repeat myself because I truly mean it. I am humbled by the opportunity and privilege of sharing the ebbs and flows of my life, and how it ripples and shifts my family’s life. Again, I do so to provide support. I do so to let others know that they are not alone. I am an average a unique person like you, I just decide to write about it. So, now that I acknowledged my emotional juices, let me tell you about the first night of my period.

The day I started my period was a major lifestyle change for me. I had gotten comfortable with not having to navigate my days differently once a month. I’m in all new territory once again. This was like a practice run since it was my first time getting my period with a husband and two kids.

“My lower back was aching and my body was tired from the day’s work,” so I needed space. I needed space to take a hot shower where I could love and focus on my entire self. I needed space to feel better, and that space didn’t include Little Nugget.

I decided to let Little Nugget know that I wasn’t feeling well. I let him know that he would have to sleep in his own bed, and did so before he asked to sleep in mine. I explained why before he could ask. “Papa, I don’t feel well because my body is aching. I need you to sleep in your bed tonight because I need space to feel better.” Little Nugget heard me out, but he contested, of course. We came to an agreement and moved on with our night.

At 1:50 AM, Z Nugg woke up, and Little Nugget conveniently did, too. Guess what he asked me? As I picked up Z Nugg from her crib, he sat up on his bed and loudly whispered, “Mom, are you feeling better now?” I almost laughed because I knew he was asking mainly because he wanted sleep in my bed, but I didn’t. I made the choice of embracing the moment, thanking him for caring about me, and inviting him to come into my bed for the rest of the night…even though I still needed space. It won’t be long before he only wants to sleep in his bed.

Cheers to keeping a light heart!

Day 25 – Yes, that is a tie on my head, and yes, I am in Little Nugget’s bed with his “Where are you?” blanket and Giraffey. Isn’t motherhood glorious?

Click below for the audio version:


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