The first birthday memento

For Little Nugget’s first birthday, I got the brilliant idea—at least I thought it was brilliant because I thought of it without using Pinterest—of making him something he could keep as a memento. Let me be clear, by “making” I mean buying a plain white shirt Little Nugget’s size, cutting whatever fabric I have laying around into the shape of a number one and attaching it to the shirt with my poor sewing skills. Loved ones and friends signed the shirt with messages of love and wellbeing for one-year-old Little Nugget. He wore it once, I got a picture of him in it, and then it went into storage. I haven’t seen it since.

It was two weeks before Z Nugg’s birthday and I found myself struggling with the fact that I did not feel motivated to make her a memento of her own. The fact that Little Nugget’s shirt was in storage had a lot to do with this. I bounced back and forth between feeling guilty and finding it as unnecessary to make it. I felt guilty because I put in the work for Little Nugget, and here I was feeling lazy with Z Nugg. On the other hand, I felt like it was unnecessary because her shirt would only go into storage as well. Plus, how would I know that they’d even want to keep it when they got older?

After battling it out with myself, I decided to attempt to make Z Nugg’s shirt. It was only fair to try. I visited a few stores at our local mall before I found the perfect shirt for Z Nugg. (I didn’t know it would be so difficult to find a plain white shirt Z Nugg’s size.) After purchasing the shirt, I knew I had to follow through with making it. I’m so happy I did because it came out great. Plus, I won’t have to worry about Z Nugg asking why she doesn’t have a first birthday memento of her own.

If one or both decide that they don’t want to keep it, I think I’ll be okay with it. This experience has taught me that it’s not in the thing, but in the sentiment I put into it.

Cheers to doing things with your heart!


For the audio version of this post, click below.


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