Every night it gets better

Life alone is a rollercoaster, and when it includes parenting little humans, it can take a toll on you if you don’t choose to have a positive perspective on it. Consciously parenting has led me to understand the importance of perspective. I am learning that the way I choose to see things plays a huge part in how successful I feel as a mother, and in how much I enjoy motherhood.

It finally got cold here in SoCal, and with the weather change comes snot, some coughing, no sleep, and more snot. The Nuggets have been battling a runny nose for the last few days, and I’d like to share how grateful I am for their snot-ridden noses. If I could guarantee that the worst thing that will ever happen to my Nuggets is a runny nose, sign me up!

The first night of being in Snotville, Z Nugg slept very little and cried a lot. Little Nugget slept over my sister’s house that night, so I focused on being grateful for that instead of feeling sleep deprived. The second night, Z Nugg woke up every hour, but didn’t cry as much as the first night. Little Nugget was back and also began with his runny nose. I focused on being grateful for having my little family back together instead of the hourly wake up. Last night was much better. Z Nugg continued whining about her nose, but would fall back asleep on her own. It was this third night that made me realize that a positive perspective—and time—makes things better.

I am grateful that neither Nugget is battling a fever, infection, broken limb, or anything worse. I am grateful that Z Nugg’s runny nose has forced me to hold her more. She isn’t breastfeeding as often as she used to, so we don’t have the special time that nursing provided anymore. I am grateful that Little Nugget’s runny nose forces me to focus on his needs. I find myself dedicating more quality time to him because I want him to feel better as soon as possible instead of prolonging our stay in Snotville.

I see these runny noses as an opportunity to bond with my Nuggets, be present for them, and baby them. They are only growing older and more independent, which means that they don’t need me as much as they did the day before. If I don’t hold them now, I’m losing the opportunity little by little. I’ve chosen to see these runny noses as chances for me to love them more, grow with them, and learn to be more patient with them.

Now you see why I am so grateful for the snot? I’ll take a runny nose any day.

Cheers to choosing to make it a positive!

Deciding to see life as a unicorn, unique and rare, makes being happy to live it much easier.

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