Goals and Dreams

A note from Big Nugget:
I am grateful to share another post from my friend, Ricky Congo. This one brought me the enlightenment I needed at exactly the right time.

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This thought came about because that “New Year, New Me” bs is vastly approaching.  People start setting resolutions to do certain things, to achieve certain things or accomplish certain things.  They are committed to do it for the first two weeks of the new year and then say, “Eh, eff it.  I don’t really care about it that much.”

I think the problem is that people set their dreams and goals for all of the wrong reasons.  It’s very rare that people are setting this standard because they love it or they love themselves.  Think about it for a second.  How many of you wanted to lose 20 pounds just so that you could attract the opposite sex?  You wanted to save money to buy an engagement ring for the girlfriend you don’t have or save money for a downpayment on a house for the family you don’t have?

Now, if you keep those goals and switch up the mentality, you may be more susceptible to achieving them.  For example:  I want to lose 20 pounds because my knees and ankles hurt and the weight loss would take the pressure off of my lower extremities, it would also reduce my health risks and I won’t be tired all of the time.  Overall, it would just make me feel good to lose the weight.  When you think about it like that, then you’re more conscious of what you eat and how much you’re working out.

Another example would be: I want to save money because I don’t want to have any debt and in the event of an emergency, I would like to have the cash.  I would like to be financially independent and responsible.  I refuse to borrow money from anyone else and I would like to account for everything I earn.  Having excess money reduces my stress and makes me feel better.

It just sounds different when you intend to do things for yourself as opposed to doing it for other people.  So, this begs the question: who and what are you doing this for?  Why are you doing this?

Now, just so you know, I had those goals for those exact wrong reasons.  If you feel that I’m picking on you, I was that same person and it’s okay to recognize it and change your mentality.  It’s perfectly fine to want to do something for someone else as long as you’re not short changing yourself.

When I look back on my dreams, I wanted to be a professional athlete in basketball or football or both.  I wanted to be a fireman, then an accountant, a sports anchor, or a professional wrestler.

What do most of these have in common?  They are all high paying and most are entertainment types of jobs.  I have always wanted to be rich and I still do.  Clearly, I am not there yet, but I did buy a lotto ticket and I’m feeling pretty lucky today.

I’ve always wanted to be rich because my parents fought about money.  There was always a dispute on what was being spent.  I just never wanted that to be an issue.  So, my natural instinct was to try to be rich as soon as possible.  As, I have found and many probably feel the same way… sadly, you don’t just announce to the world that you want to be rich and it randomly occurs.

Now, I want to be rich because it will put my life at ease.  It will reduce my stress, help me become healthier mentally and I won’t have to worry about money.  I can enjoy life and just know that I will be able to do whatever I want in life.  I want to be rich for the love of me, but in order to be rich, you have to have a passion for something.

My problem is that I am good at a lot of things, but I’m not great at one thing.  I also am not passionate about something that I would work tirelessly on.  I don’t love something so much that it could become my passion either.  At least I haven’t found that particular thing yet.

I have noticed this characteristic with every wealthy and successful person.  They were passionate about their profession and loved their profession so much that it became their way of life, which in turn brought in their wealth.

I found this quote that may help you and I both:
“Find three hobbies: one to make you money, one to keep you in shape and one to be creative.”

With this mentality, I do know that I will find what I’m looking for and I am with the understanding that I’m a late bloomer, always have been.  So, there isn’t a timeframe for this dream or goal.  I know it’s going to happen eventually because I’m passionate about constantly trying to figure it out.

– Ricky Congo

Thank you, Ricky! Your perspective and experience has inspired me to work a little harder at my goals and dreams. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. – Big Nugget

5 thoughts on “Goals and Dreams

  1. I’m a late bloomer too. I’m 31, and still have absolutely no idea what I want to do… I went from wanting to be a veterinarian, to a nurse, to a psychiatrist, and then to a trauma surgeon. I was actually in nursing school, but had to withdrawal because of a physical illness at the time. Then, I went back for psych. Well, then life happened. Something totally unexpected and traumatizing happened so I stopped going. Needless to say I’m in a boat load of debt from student loans, have no work history (I’ve always been a sahm) but I want more. I feel like I’m missing something, and I don’t know what it is. All I do know is that I want to help people. I’ve always known that. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to go to college right now or anytime in the near future.

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