Back to the normal groove

I’ve been having difficulty getting back into the groove of my blog after doing Bowvember. I wrote every day last month, and now, I’m having a hard time coming up with ideas of what to write about at least three times a week. It doesn’t help that my mind feels cluttered and overwhelmed with to-do’s.

I don’t know why I feel that now that Bowvember has ended, I can’t share my successes and obstacles with you like I always have. I find myself asking, “What is wrong with me?” I’m wondering if anything has changed…and then I remember that a lot has changed.

I know I’ve already mentioned that I’m taking on the stay-at-home-work-at-home mom role. I mention it again more for myself than anything else. I need to accept that the way my life looked three weeks ago is not how it looks now. (Writing helps me with the acceptance part of things.) There’s plenty of adjustment going on in my life as well as my family’s life. Routine, schedule, tasks, goals, dreams. These are all shifting, or in other words, we are undergoing growing pains. I guess I should speak for myself because the Nuggets seem to be having a blast so far…and it is here that a realization has happened.

I must acknowledge that I don’t need to look too far to find what to write about. If my Nuggets are having a blast, then that must mean that I’m handling the growing pains well. Right? I sure hope so.

What am I doing? I’m trying to take things slow, be kind to myself, and reach out for help, three things that are very difficult for me to do.

Taking things slow. I’ve never been good at this. I like to go go go. I’m the type to open a box, but never bother with the instructions. I don’t want to “waste” time. I prefer to start building and learn along the way. (Yes, I’m laughing at myself because it takes longer to learn how to build without knowing what I’m doing.) In focusing on taking things slow, I’m giving myself time to learn the my rhythm of stay-at-home motherhood. I know that this is important not only for me, but for my children.

Being kind to myself. I tend to expect a lot from myself. (Don’t most of us?) I am cognizant that this isn’t a bad thing, but in this case, it wouldn’t be healthy for me to think I must have it all figured out. Putting things in perspective helps me lower expectations, which in turn, helps me be easier on myself. I am dealing with two ever-changing and fully functioning human beings (thank God!); I can’t possibly expect to have it all under control like I do in my dream world. To start being kind to myself, I’ve decided to let go of that dream world.

I already feel less clutter in my head knowing that if we have a bad day, I’m not a failure because it wasn’t a great one. I am a great mom person regardless of what kind of day we have.

Reaching out for help. A huge part of learning my rhythm has been reaching out to the women in my life who have experience being at home with their children, or working with their children in tow. I am so grateful for social media because it has helped me not only meet women from different backgrounds, but also because it allows me to engage with these women on a daily basis. They are some of my best friends now, and they help me so much on a daily basis.

I know that I’ve written about this before, and have even had guest writer’s write about this, but the more we can share about what helps us better navigate life, the happier we can learn to be. With that being said, what one thing helps you feel less stressed on a daily basis? 

Cheers to having and providing support!

As with everything else in life, it all has to do with learning how to balance.

For the audio version of this post, click below.


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