That time when…I correctly translated my child’s odd choice of words.

“Mom can you put it all the way over there so my butt doesn’t get stuck?”

It has turned into somewhat of a requirement for me to lay with Little Nugget in order for him to fall asleep. I guess you could say, laying with him is like his bedtime story. I’ll be honest, sometimes I feel tired, annoyed, or simply in need of alone time with my lover that laying with him does not sound appealing, but then I remember that he won’t need me this way—or even want my attention like this—for too long. It’s remembering this that makes me conscious about how fast children grow up.

Sometimes, Little Nugget wants me to lay in his bed, and other nights he wants us to lay in my bed. On this specific night, the night of the peculiar quote up top, Little Nugget and I were laying in his bed. His bed is not necessarily my bed of choice because it’s a toddler bed and there’s no room for me. I covered him with his blankets and awkwardly positioned myself on the bed. I laid on top of the blankets.

When I felt like I had laid with Little Nugget long enough to satisfy his need of my bedtime presence, I got up and before saying good night, he sent the peculiar choice of words my way. “Mom can you put it all the way over there so my butt doesn’t get stuck?” I paused and thought. I wanted to make sure I got it right the first time because if I didn’t it would mean Little Nugget and I would get into a whispering war, potentially waking Z Nugg up.

To my surprise, I understood exactly what Little Nugget meant on my first try! He needed me to spread his blankets evenly over him so that they didn’t stay tucked underneath his body. I pulled out the blankets and freshened up his sleeping arrangement. I was so happy that I exited the room looking like that emoji guy that’s raising both arms. I approached Josh brushing off my shoulder proud of how I had deciphered Little Nugget’s odd request.

Cheers to keeping a light heart!

Little Nugget – 4 years

For the audio version of this post, click below.


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