Is Snapchat life?

A note from Big Nugget:
I am grateful to share another post from my friend, Ricky Congo. I shed some tears reading this one. Thank you Ricky, for sharing such a vulnerable piece with us!  

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A friend of mine passed away last week.  We were closer when we were in middle school. Back then we traded shoes (to borrow, not to keep), shared lunches and cheated off of each other in science class.  We grew apart a little bit in high school because I went to a different school.  We made new friends, but we never really stopped being friends with each other, there was no falling out and no reason to not be friends.  We were always cool and were always going to be cool.

Lately, we had been sending each other funny ass snapchats, lots of food snapchats, and even some sad ones.  That’s the effed up thing about Snapchat, some great memories are lost because once they’re gone, they’re gone.  You only get up to 10 seconds of joy and that’s it.  I didn’t think I would ever draw to this conclusion, but in a way Snapchat is like life.

There are some good memories and some bad ones, but that’s exactly what they are… memories.  Once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.  You can’t get them back, you can’t change them, and you can only filter them the way you’d like to see them in that moment.

Man… we would snap each other food all the time!  He was a chef too… so, you know his taste buds were on point.  There were countless sushi and taco places that I would have never known were great had he not shown them to me.  I went to so many new places because of him.

One of the best Snapchat conversations we had was when I was at a basketball game and the guy in front of me was not watching the game at all.  He was on his phone the whole time with his headphones in, just going HAM on some Aaliyah music videos.  Of course I snapped it to my friend with the caption “This mothereffer really likes Aaliyah”.

He really got a kick out of that one.  He then proceeded to send me the link to his “Running Man Challenge” video.  I couldn’t stop busting up laughing.  He had moves.  He was in just his boxers (which come to find out, I have the same pair), I think the setting was what humored me the most.  There was an exercise bike, a treadmill, an elliptical, couches all disoriented, and of course, Fresh Prince was on the TV in the background.

Then there were some sad snaps.  Ones where he was at the doctor’s office.  He’d have an IV in and on the verge of passing out.  I never knew what his health issues were, nor did I want to ask.  I just wanted to know if he was going to be okay.  He always said yes.

That was the type of person he was.  He didn’t want anyone to worry about him.  Always happy, always smiling, always joking around, and always wanting you to have a good time.  Overall he was just a great soul; no wonder God wanted him in heaven.

Sometimes I think about why people leave this earth so soon… but I have come to realize that when you think about just automobiles, which are made with the finest equipment and machinery, you would be lucky if a car lasts 20+ years.  These things only cost thousands of dollars. Cars that are supposedly “reliable” sometimes give out sooner than expected.  If that is the cost and life expectancy of a car, then how much are our bodies and our lives worth?

Death really isn’t a matter of why? It’s a matter of whom and when?  No one makes it out alive.  So, you might as well love life while you’re here and appreciate everyone around you that loves you.

I love you bro, RIP and I want you to know we absolutely enjoyed you while you were here!

-Ricky Congo

Nothing but death is certain in this life. Thank you Ricky, for reminding us to live our lives fully while we’re here. -Big Nugget

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