That time when…big brother demonstrates his sincere devotion to his little sister.

The night Z Nugget had her febrile seizure, Little Nugget also underwent stress. It was inevitable due to him being home when it all happened. There was a moment when Josh considered leaving him home with a trusted friend while he accompanied Z Nugget and me to the hospital. However, upon sensing Little Nugget’s distress, Josh decided to stay home and comfort him. I comforted Z Nugget in the ER while Josh comforted Little Nugget at home.

When Z Nugget was discharged—past two in the morning—I called Josh to pick us up from the hospital. (We live less than two minutes from the hospital, so Z Nugget and I didn’t wait long.) Of course, Little Nugget was in tow. As Josh and Little Nugget pulled up, I started walking out of the ER’s double doors—holding Z Nugget tightly in my arms covered with a blanket—when I noticed my Little Nugget wide awake in his car seat, his head bent forward as he looked to make sure I had Z Nugget with me. I only know he was making sure I had his little sister with me because the first thing he asked me when I got in the passenger seat was, “Can I see Zion?” I lifted her up and took the blanket off of her head, and am pretty sure I started crying. (I feel the emotion I felt then as I write this, and it’s causing me the biggest knot in my throat!)

Little Nugget loves his sister. I believe we manifested this love during my pregnancy with Z Nugget, and we see the love flourishing. I am grateful for Little Nugget as he’s made my transition from mother of one to mother of two easier because of his love for Z Nugget.

Cheers to keeping a light heart!

These two were paired as siblings even before I brought them earth-side.

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