Homeschooling versus adventure-learning

Since deciding to homeschool Little Nugget for his pre-school year, the gears in my head have been constantly turning on what method I will utilize to teach. The term “homeschooling” isn’t very inspiring to me—it’s the home part of it that I have a hard time channeling motivation from—so I’ve decided to make up my own word. I’m not trying to coin my own term nor create my own genre (for all I know, this term already exists), I’m simply trying to make it sound more fun for me. I’m the type of person that needs to feel inspired and excited starting with the terminology used. I want to teach Little Nugget while being the best me, and the word “home” just doesn’t do that for me.

Adventure inspires me, excites me, and motivates me. I like the possibility of discovering new places and new ways of doing things. One of the best parts about adventuring is that it can happen anywhere, much like teaching and learning can. In these last few weeks, the Nuggets and I have already made it a routine to adventure at least once a week.

In speaking to Josh about my day with Little Nugget the other night, the term “adventure-learning” came to mind. I explained to Josh that I think I will start calling it adventure-learning instead of homeschooling because it sparks a flame in me that inspires me to teach Little Nugget about everything and anything that crosses our path.

So far, our weekly adventures have only led us to our local library, but even those adventures have helped me teach more lessons than I have been able to teach at home. I am excited to see how our adventures evolve as the “seasons” change and as the Nuggets grow older.

Post break

There is a break in this post because I wrote the above a couple of weeks before I took on homeschooling a second pre-schooler. This second pre-schooler is my niece. Unfortunately, for the Nuggets and my niece, adventure-learning is not as active as it was when I became inspired by the term. The reasons? I’m now with three children versus two, and the weather is not ideal to adventure outdoors. Oh, and Z Nugget getting sick also had something to do with the halt our adventure-learning experienced. However, revisiting my previously written words to share with you reignited the flame to make learning fun for not only my “students” but myself.

I am entering week number two of being called “teacher” by Little Nugget and my niece. It’s been a wild ride so far because, well, they only see me as their teacher for about five minutes out of the day. We’re all adjusting to our new schedule and attempting to make the best out of our time together. I’m especially trying to keep my sanity and toughen up my patience because, although I love being with these crazy kids, it takes a lot of energy. (Can I get an “Amen!” from moms and dads that can relate? Please?!)

I wanted to share this endeavor of mine because my time is limited nowadays (more than it ever has been). I’ve retreated from being as active as I was on social media because being “teacher” to two high-energy pre-schoolers four days a week leaves very little time to read and reply to comments, or even to post anything with a caption longer than an emoji. (We all know I like to express my emotions with lengthy pieces.) My attention needs to be on them in order to keep them out of trouble, affirm their good choices, explain why they shouldn’t be making bad ones, and ensure that they are learning at least one academic piece of information a day. During the time I do have for myself, I’m trying to keep this baby (my blog) of mine growing as well as my other endeavors—handling sponsorships for ImprovingBirth and being a contributing writer for Fit Bottoms Mamas—above ground.

I shall continue sharing how it goes with you all. We can all learn a little something from each other’s lives.

Cheers to going with the flow and enjoying the ride!

Getting ready for story-time. Z Nugget only sat long enough for the picture. The other two surprisingly sat through two pre-k chapter books.

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