A piece of myself – Part I

I’ve loved photography since I can remember. A few of my fondest memories have included having a camera in hand while capturing some of my favorite images. I clearly remember receiving my first 35 mm camera for my eleventh birthday. I was in heaven knowing that I would no longer need to depend on disposable cameras, even though I’d still have to go out and buy film. Then, when my mom bought me my first Sony digital camera, I was in the clouds as it enabled me to take pictures without having to wait to see what they looked like. Then, my sister gifted me my first DSLR, her Canon Rebel. It was with this camera that I consciously decided to always own a high quality camera to capture the images as I saw them in my head.

Although I didn’t pursue photography as my profession, I love it as if it were. In case you haven’t noticed, photography is a huge part of my life and blog. I cannot comfortably publish a post without having a picture accompanying my words. It’s simply who I am and how I work.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by someone who works at Light. I’d like to think that I received an email from them because of my love for photography, but whether or not it was because of that, I’m grateful that they did because I didn’t know about them prior to their communication. Light is a camera company that is creating a state of the art camera that I need want so bad. This camera is made with sixteen different modules which take individual pictures that are then combined to create the best picture possible, all within the same little camera. For me, this isn’t even the best part. On top of The Light L16 camera being amazing with light, depth, and editing, it is also small enough to carry everywhere. What a difference from the clunky DSLRs! (Don’t get me wrong, I love my Canon, but it’s rarely convenient and safe to carry around with two small Nuggets!) I’m wishing to get my hands on one soon, even if it’s only to try it out.

You might be wondering why a company like Light might have contacted me? Well, I was thinking the same thing when I saw their email. I remember going through my inbox, seeing this one specific email, opening it and speed-reading through it, but then deleting it because I didn’t believe it was “real”. In other words, I thought it was spam. I left it at that. About a week later, I received a follow-up email from this same person checking in to see if I had received his first email. This time, I opened the email intrigued enough to read it more intently. The email kindly complimented my blog—the reason I thought it was spam—and presented a post idea that had to do with photography. I wish I could say something like, “Normally, I don’t take on additional projects,” but truth is, I’ve never been approached—in regard to my blog—to collaborate before…especially not by someone from an established company. After emailing back and forth with this individual, I agreed to work on this little project where I was to choose my favorite place to photograph, choose a picture taken there, and explain what I used and how I took the picture. Originally, I had planned to use Orcutt Ranch located in West Hills, Ca as my favorite location, because it is, and I had the picture I wanted to use in mind. However, my location and picture ended up changing due to a sense of deeper inspiration brought on by my hairy armpits. Yup, you heard correct, my hairy armpits.

Now, I’m aware I’ve strayed from the original post idea presented to me—potentially even made it more complicated—but I just had to take this opportunity to use the inspiration I’m feeling. (For those of you who’ve been following me, you know I’m rarely a shallow writer.) I’ve decided to follow my heart and document this moment in my life because I don’t know if I’ll have it again.

I’ve decided to share this post in three parts because of my inability to stop myself from writing on and on, so in the meantime, I will share a picture of the outfit I will be wearing in my final picture. There’s a method to my madness…I promise.

To be continued…



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