The start of another Lenten season

Another Lenten season is upon us. Ash Wednesday is today and this means—for Catholics who follow the tradition—that a sacrifice needs to be made. All right, that’s not entirely accurate. I was born and raised Catholic, but I have not been practicing. Without practice, we all know we lose knowledge and accuracy of detail. So here I am, another season dedicated to reflection, thinking of what I should take on or give up.

As a kid, I remember it not being a question, come Ash Wednesday, I knew that I’d be giving up all sweets for 40 days. I remember yearning for Easter to come around so I could stuff my face with the candy I hadn’t eaten for 40 days. As I look at it now, it was a shallow “sacrifice” as I didn’t learn much other than I enjoy my sweets.

As I read my post from last year’s start of Lent, I chuckled because I find myself in a very similar space to what I was in then. Last year I made it an intention to improve my quality of life. This year, I need the same.

It’s not clear as to how I’m going to use this time to better myself, but know that I have tools at my fingertips. I know that writing helps me figure things out, so I’m going to attempt to write for 40 days straight. My goal is to sit and write for no more than 30 minutes and see what comes out. I’ve been uninspired to write lately and in need of time to myself, so I think this will be good. Giving myself 30 minutes to write my little heart out will hopefully bring me…well, I actually don’t have any expectations because I’m going into this with the blind faith Jesus walked into the desert with. Okay, I’m dressing it up and making it dramatic because I just need to feel accomplished and somehow a dramatic thought brings me a sense of accomplishment as a writer.

The bottom line is, I’m taking this time and running with it even if I’m not entirely sure of where it will take me or how it will change me. I know many other people are taking part in this liturgical season, so there’s no better time—for me—than a time when I know I’m not alone in my doubts.

How many of you out there are with me, Catholic or not? How many of you are taking on “sacrifice” and how are you doing it or interpreting it?

Cheers to seasons of change!

May we find the sunshine within ourselves today, tomorrow, and always. If we can’t, may we be the reminder for each other that the light exists within us.

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