I have two be mom 24/7.

Truth is…it is necessary for my mental wellbeing to take the time to be solely Big Nugget.

As with anything in life, when we lose sight of something—no matter how important it is—we lose knowledge and practice (as I proved in my post a couple of days ago). This is true even for self-care.

Self-care seems to have a cycle of its own in motherhood. Mothers, we all know, are a special species. As a mother, I will put my children’s needs first about 97.99% of the time. Consistently setting my needs aside enables me to forget their importance…until I can’t take my “horrible” life anymore. I begin stressing about insignificant things, complaining about the best parts of my life, and overall become a cranky person no one wants to be around. (Just ask my better half, the one who receives all that negative energy and continues to love me. Thanks my love!) Then I reach my maximum and am forced to make myself a priority again. There’s the cycle.

As I’m reflecting on this, I see it as self-care having seasons. There will be periods where taking care of Big Nugget is alive and thriving, and other periods where it’s almost nonexistent because of the needs of my children. Well, the alive and thriving season is coming in and my heart has exploded from how good this makes me feel. I feel more at peace with myself. I like myself a little bit more.

Today, I had the opportunity to go hiking by myself…and IT WAS AMAZING! I was an adult at play. It filled my cup with good juice that inspired me to acknowledge every person I encountered, offering them some of the energy I was creating. I felt elated being surrounded by so much life from the rainfall we’ve been blessed with. I felt a part of the masterpiece instead of an observer of the beauty. It was magic.

I can’t wait to do it again. I can’t wait to incorporate the Nuggets into my self-care routine while making space for time with myself.

Cheers to investing in yourself!


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