I have to be a deep thinker every day.

Truth is…there are days when I feel thoughtless and cannot have revelations, even if I force myself.

Today is Monday. (Sorry to break it to those of you who are in denial.) Mondays as a stay-at-home mom have the same meaning as Fridays, they aren’t horrible nor are they awesome, but I am grateful for them nonetheless.

Today has been a decent day so far. I haven’t had too many fires to put out with the kids, I got my laundry done for my family, and I now have some time to myself, thanks to my mom. As I was folding the last bit of laundry knowing that my next move was to sit and write, I kept asking myself, “What am I going to reflect on today?” I asked myself about a dozen times before I just gave up. I could not come up with something deep and revealing. I felt shallow.

Having put away all the clothes, I turned on my computer and came to the conclusion that I don’t have to realize something deep about myself every single day. I had to consciously remove myself from feeling shallow and give myself some grace.

It would be awesome to have my deep thought light bulb on at all times, but it would also be exhausting. In writing today, I remind myself that my deep thinking needs a break like every other part of my being, it needs to refuel and regroup in order to continue serving my heart, in order to continue providing me growth. Today, I’m just Big Nugget writing to remind myself that forcing growth won’t stick.

Tomorrow, praying that I am blessed with another day, will be a new day with new thoughts and more opportunities for a better me.

Cheers to giving ourselves grace!

Sometimes growth comes from shallow areas. I love observing and documenting growth in plants, specifically the ones in my lover’s garden. This picture is for all of my yoni lovers! Isn’t it magical??

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