The more I have, the happier I am.

Truth is…I used to think that material things could make me happy, I now know that the above statement is false. I’ve experienced the perfect concoction of events at the right time—I had a turning point in my life and watched the documentary “Minimalism” not too long after.

With the help from this concoction, I have been able to detach myself from material things—so far only mentally until I can purge and detach myself physically—and understand that things don’t have potential energy (in a figurative sense), people and experiences do. My perspective of the true meaning of my life has changed. I appreciate more of what I have instead of waste time wishing I had what others enjoy.

I know I’m headed in the right direction because I used to complain about our small and old apartment, but now I find myself calling it our home without thinking about it. The way I perceive our apartment is no longer about what it looks like, but about the purpose it serves in our life. It provides shelter and security, and the fact that we’ve made all 600+ square feet of it work perfectly for all 5 of us—this includes our dog—makes it awesome. We’ve gained happiness and a deeper sense of fulfillment. (I think I’m safe in speaking for my lover and myself.) This space is our home because we make memories in it, not because it’s big enough, fancy enough, or because it stores all of our belongings.

My turning point happened when I acknowledged and embraced that I am a mother of two and no longer wish to have more children. I was liberated from the weird baby-fever I’d get when I saw pregnant women or newborn babies. In reflecting, I found I felt that the baby-fever came from the social pressure (as I interpret it) to have more children.

There is freedom behind understanding that no one’s life is suitable for me other than my own. Just because my friend has 5 children, is a happy camper and is totally sane, doesn’t mean that I would feel the same if I had 5 children of my own.

Add “Minimalism” to the mix of me taking my life back from the misconception that is marketed to us, and I am experiencing peace, peace like I’ve never felt before. Never ever felt before. I am experiencing the end of feeling unhappy no matter how much stuff I have or don’t have, or from feeling jealous of other people for what I don’t even need.

Cheers to finding our true happiness!

How many shelves of stuff do you have? It doesn’t have to be movies or a collection of any kind, it can be anything. How many of those shelves do you use on a weekly basis? What’s motivating you to keep the shelves of things that you never use? I have found my answer. Nothing. Nothing is motivating me, so minimalizing it is! As always, I’m excited to share this journey with you!

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