Birthday retreat

This will be my last post before taking a couple of days off. I was already planning to take the weekend off to enjoy my birthday; however, not with the intention of focusing on my recovery.

I was actually looking forward to my birthday this year, and I still am, but my plans have been derailed by another unexpected health situation.

Last night, I lost consciousness for a few seconds and fell on my face, shaking me up in more than one way. I am thankful that my better half was home to monitor me and nurse me back to stable health. I am also grateful that I was able to schedule a same-day appointment with a doctor to ensure that nothing serious had happened. On the exterior, I looked fine, but on the interior I felt like poop nuggets. (I’m feeling 50 times better as I write this.)

The outcome of my doctor’s visit was positive–nothing visibly wrong with me–but I am being sent to a cardiologist due to some minor irregularities that appeared on my EKG test results. All is well, though.

I’m super bummed out that this wrench was thrown into my birthday plans, but I’m trying to stay grateful by focusing on the fact that my face is still intact, that I am fully mobile, that I didn’t have to make another ER visit, and most importantly that I am alive to begin another birth year.

There’s quite a bit of reflection happening and still to be done. The good, the bad, and the every day are all worthy of reflection, all worthy of being learning moments. I know that there’s plenty of wisdom coming from this, and I’m sure I’ll be inspired to share it with you.

I’m grateful for this little space of mine where I can share the journey that my life is–Nuggets, poop nuggets, nuggets of joy, and all.

Thank you for your eyes, your existence, and your support!

Cheers to another year of my beautiful and eventful life!


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