All debt is bad debt.

Truth is…calling certain types of debt an investment is more fitting.

After a decade together, my lover and I made our first big purchase together. We purchased a new car in the name of adventure. In other words, we needed a reliable car for the family to do more than get us from point A to point B. We needed a reliable car to get us to our fun.

We’re not the type of family to travel to other countries or plan extensive resort stays—although, I don’t see why we wouldn’t if we were financially capable to do that—but we are the type of family to enjoy the simple outdoors.

I remember the first year my lover and I went mountain biking in Big Bear—we didn’t have children yet. We drove the only car we had at the time, and it overheated on the way up the mountain. It was a major bummer being stuck on the side of the road. In putting thought into how we want to have fun with our Nuggets this upcoming warmer season, we knew we had to do something about our transportation if we wanted to go more than twenty miles out of our city.

My better half did the shopping on the type of car that would best suit our needs, and I gathered the financial details. Together we found the best deal for us and made the purchase happen.

Driving our new vehicle home was surreal. I felt grateful until I realized that we had put ourselves into a five-year debt. I almost had an anxiety attack the night after we bought our car. The fact that we had monthly payments set in and I began feeling the symptoms I felt before I had my TIA. (Extreme, I know, but I just don’t do well with debt.) Thankfully, I made a small comment to my lover as I began feeling the oncoming attack—without letting him know what was going on—and he replied with something that put things in perspective for me. (This is why he’s my better half.)

After my lover’s response, I went into our bedroom where our Nuggets were sleeping, laid in the dark and meditated until my symptoms subsided. After that almost-episode, I was able to face the fact that yes, we are in debt, but I shouldn’t be seeing it as debt because it’s something that benefits our family. Instead of debt, I need to see it as an investment. It is an investment that will allow us to make memories, breathe more oxygen, and be healthier physically and mentally.

Cheers to investing in our family’s wellbeing!

My little family and our new adventure vehicle. I am grateful for this life! 

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