They grow up and I’m learning to grow with them

Little Nugget has been homeschooled this year. I haven’t followed a curriculum or have a learning routine for him and his cousin—who I also homeschool—but I know that they’ve at least learned their vowels, a few three-dimensional shapes, and how to safely cross the street from me.

Although I enjoy teaching Little Nugget and am grateful to be able to do it, Little Nugget and I are ready to move onto the next phase in our lives…well, will be soon. We are ready for “big school”, as Little Nugget calls it, but just because we are “ready” doesn’t mean I’m handling it as smoothly as it sounds like I am.

I am was having anxiety. Nothing serious, but I was in need of support, reassurance, and comfort as I mentally prepare to send my first baby off to school. (I’m starting this process early so I don’t find myself an emotional ruin when August comes.)

This is all new territory for me and I’m feeling the growing pains. I feel blessed to be a part of several communities that provide me ideas, perspectives, options, and empathy to remind me that this too shall pass. I will conquer this phase in my life growing in knowledge, humility, and gratitude, which I will in the near future be able to pass along to another mom in the same shoes I currently find myself in.

Cheers to the growing pains that make us stronger!

What I love best about teaching my Nuggets is I can do it anywhere. 

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