5/8/17 – Black Cherry’s second fertilization

I’m starting to record the data I gather in regard to my Black Cherry tomato plant in hopes that someday it will turn into valuable information. This may sound eccentric for many, but imagine a farm (or a great number of farms) of food grown with the help of women’s menstrual fluid? I feel like a huge shift in many aspects of life would have to happen in order for something like this to be acceptable where I live, but a bleeder can dream. I will continue sharing this experiment of mine (inspired by other woman) hoping that I can bring that shift closer to my community.

I fertilized Black Cherry for the second time on May 8, 2017.
(Black Cherry’s first fertilization was April 20, 2017.)

I measured 1 ounce of menstrual fluid. Although the ratio is 10:1, I diluted my fluid with enough water to thoroughly moisten Black Cherry’s soil. I figured more water to dilute my fluid couldn’t hurt whereas not enough water could since a concentrated amount of fluid (or fertilizer) can shock and burn my thriving tomato plant.
(The first time, I measured 4 ounces of fluid.)

Black Cherry measured 55 inches from soil to the tallest stem.
(Unfortunately, I don’t have any other measurements as of right now.)

I am excited to record more data and add more plants to my experiment!

In case you are wondering about my missing mason jar, my lover found it! (I had a feeling he’d be the one to find it.) My lover discovered it behind our bedroom closet door wrapped in a cloth bag while cleaning our little home. Could I be feeding some of my brain cells to Black Cherry too? (That’s a rhetorical question. I know it’s just the mom brain doing its thing.)