Be your effing self!

After writing the post earlier, I felt some relief. I was able to reflect a little easier. Could I have been going through writer’s block? Anyways, the point that my reflection made to me was that I can’t expect to stay the same forever. I will continue evolving. I have to allow myself to continue growing. I need to get the heck out of my way. Does anyone else feel a negative way when your current interests get pushed out of the way by a new passion? I don’t understand why I’m forcing myself to stay when all I want to do is go.

If this resonates with you, I’m asking for your support because I’m trying to stop perceiving myself as an indecisive quitter. (Geesh, that sounds harsh now that I write it out.)

I’m writing in real time, and I mention it because I’m on the verge of accepting that I am not a high-paid lifestyle blogger, nor should I try and act or write like one. After writing that out, all I can think is, “Be your effing self, Jasmin!” Real time, for me, means finding a solution as I write. As I write, I hear my brain thinking slower, and I can analyze better, step out of my box of emotions, and see my options unfold.

My blog is in the process of evolving. I must accept this and embrace it.

Be expected to read about my journeys with:

  • my menstrual cycle,
  • my return to cycling (I hope!)
  • figuring out who I am professionally
  • minimalizing in real life and on social media

If you continue to follow me, I appreciate you. If you don’t, I understand and I appreciate the journeys you travelled with me.

Through the help of this post, I transmit that I am ready to get out of my way and allow myself to thrive once again.

Big Nugget

May I ask you a question? I’m really hoping you comment because I’m interested in who you as a person, not only a reader. Why do you follow my blog? If you don’t, but liked this post, why did you like this post…or not? I don’t ask with the intent of receiving praise, but because I’m interested in you’re perspective. I want to learn about you, the person reading this. Not in a creepy way, but to expand my views. Honoring opposing perspectives and/or receiving supporting words from someone that can relate, I am finding, is food to my being. 

I am excited to start sharing my menstrual cycle journey with you!



They grow up and I’m learning to grow with them

Little Nugget has been homeschooled this year. I haven’t followed a curriculum or have a learning routine for him and his cousin—who I also homeschool—but I know that they’ve at least learned their vowels, a few three-dimensional shapes, and how to safely cross the street from me.

Although I enjoy teaching Little Nugget and am grateful to be able to do it, Little Nugget and I are ready to move onto the next phase in our lives…well, will be soon. We are ready for “big school”, as Little Nugget calls it, but just because we are “ready” doesn’t mean I’m handling it as smoothly as it sounds like I am.

I am was having anxiety. Nothing serious, but I was in need of support, reassurance, and comfort as I mentally prepare to send my first baby off to school. (I’m starting this process early so I don’t find myself an emotional ruin when August comes.)

This is all new territory for me and I’m feeling the growing pains. I feel blessed to be a part of several communities that provide me ideas, perspectives, options, and empathy to remind me that this too shall pass. I will conquer this phase in my life growing in knowledge, humility, and gratitude, which I will in the near future be able to pass along to another mom in the same shoes I currently find myself in.

Cheers to the growing pains that make us stronger!

What I love best about teaching my Nuggets is I can do it anywhere. 

Forgetting the expectations

I’m saying forget the expectations I have for myself. Forget the requirement of my posts being at least 400 words long. (Why is that even a rule for myself? No one’s paying me.) I haven’t written for my little space in almost a week, and all because I haven’t made the time to sit and write every thought in my head. I wish to change that.

Today, I declare myself free of the expectations and write because I love it, because I enjoy it. I’ll leave the rules to the people I write for and that pay me. (I make it sound like there’s a list of them. I’m manifesting the list!)

I’m giving my heart full range again, and as with many things in my life, I have motherhood to thank for that. I took my Nuggets on a mini-adventure to our local mountains and was hoping to capture all of our adventure, but my phone died. It was the best thing to have happened because it reminded me that the best things to be learned aren’t found in text, they’re found in experiences.

Cheers to being free from the expectations!