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Ok everyone. I’m doing it. I’m taking the plunge and just doing it. I am offering my photography “skills” as an official service….

Don’t you wish there was someone who traveled with you photographing the candid moments you never want to forget? Your very own paparazzo? Well, call on me to do just that! I love capturing the in-between moments.

I don’t travel with flower crowns and long silky tunics because…well, that’s just not my style. (Although, I do love and appreciate that kind of photography.) I run with raw, uncut, daily life. The silly faces. The nose-picking. The conversations. The candid moments.

I don’t do much posing, and if there is posing, it’s usually to give a, “Oh, this? Of course I was just sitting here doing this.”

I believe in everyone having a visual and tangible history of themselves.
I believe in future generations having more than just selfies of their parents, grandparents, etc.
I believe in using spaces that make a person feel comfortable, beautiful, and seen.

If you’re still reading this, I hope that it’s because I have resonated with you. If you’re still with me, I find it important to share with you that any pictures I take of you are yours. Your journey is not mine to share; therefore, I will not share your images on my blog or other social media platforms—unless you have a strong desire for me to do so. I want you to know that you will be the first to share the images I deliver to you. Also, my name will not be stamped on any of these images. Why? I don’t feel the need. Again, I document journeys that are not my own, so why should my name be on them? All I ask is, if you do share it and someone asks you who took it, give them my name. Word of mouth is the way I’m trying to run it, and I need my client’s help to do so.

So…if you’re interested and live in the SoCal area, please contact me here, on Facebook, Instagram, or by email at jasmini88(at)yahoo(dot)com.

*The following are images that I’ve taken myself, they are of my family and me—my usual subjects. The images in the slideshow have been used in my blog posts before. My life is pretty much my portfolio. *