My birthday through my lens

I had no plans for my birthday, but some times having no plans makes whatever does happen that much more special.  I could describe everything I did for my birthday these last few days, however, I believe pictures will depict the celebrations better.

IMG_2178This was my date and I Sunday afternoon walking to Redondo Beach after looking for parking for half an hour.

IMG_2210I was extremely happy to see the day this beautiful as I usually spend my birthdays indoors due to the rain.

IMG_2241This cuteness happened.

IMG_2266Oh, and this happened, too. A handmade boat-wagon. Look at all those Girl Scout cookies!

IMG_2256This is why it took us 30 minutes to find parking. The Festival of the Kite was going on at the Redondo Pier.

IMG_2273This gentleman was flying his kite at approximately 1000 feet! Amazing!
He let Little Nugget and I fly his kite. The first kite Nugget and I have ever “flown”.

IMG_2310Monday, Little Nugget and I went to one of our favorite places to hang out.

IMG_2439Underwood Family Farms in Moorepark, Ca.

IMG_2454We obviously enjoyed the strawberry fields.

IMG_2526Today, my better half treated me to breakfast at Cici’s Cafe in Tarzana, Ca.
We have been missing out! If you live in the SFV or anywhere close, I highly recommend having breakfast here at least once in your life. You will not be disappointed. One thing to keep in mind, it is a small place and there is always people eating here. In other words, get there as soon as it opens or be ready to wait.

IMG_2528We finally found a place where we can have outstanding onion rings! We no longer have to travel to Santa Barbara.
Do you see the “J”?

IMG_2531Underwood Family Farms encore.

IMG_2554Photo credit to my better half.

IMG_2599The pound and a half that I picked yesterday was gone today, so my better half and I picked over eight pounds today. Ok, he did most of the picking.  All I wanted to do was take pictures of the beauty around me.
Dad, Mom, and Little Nugget strawberries.

IMG_2603This is one of the reasons why I wanted to bring my better half here. The combine slide is one of the main reasons Little Nugget and I come here.  Doesn’t he look like he is having fun?


IMG_2626We love visiting nurseries on any day, and my birthday is no exception.

IMG_2633Ending the day in the company of these two was the icing on the cake.

Cheers to getting older, sweeter, healthier, and wiser.


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